Psionic power is the force of a sentient being exerting itself on the universe. It is raw and difficult to control.

My draft for the psionics system is as follows: Psion is a new Advantage (5 pts), similar to Magery, that confers the ability to use all powers at all ability levels. Which powers you can use without killing yourself are determined by your skills.   Focusing your will kinetically is very far removed from affecting the minds of others. Each power is treated as its own skill, which must be rolled against every time you attempt to use the power. Powers within the same discipline default to each other at -3. There is a standard set of modifiers that can be applied to any power, which increase the effectiveness and modify your roll accordingly. A critical failure causes the power to hit the caster at the full strength it was modified to.

I think the risk system could be easily introduced into a basic sort of skill check as a modifier. If you want to double the range of your telekinesis, that’s a -4 to your effective skill each time. Same with precision, strength, whatever. Critical failure means you hurt yourself with the power at the full strength you buffed it to. That means that anyone can try to do some awesome crazy shit, but if you don’t have the skills for it you might end up killing yourself.


You lose one FP for each point your roll fails by. If, for instance, you need to roll a 12, and get a 15, you lose 3 FP. If you are out of FP, the power backfires. Backfire is another roll. 17-18 power fails as normal, 5-16 power backfires as normal, 3-4 power backfires and hits target. Numbers, of course, subject to change.

Powers are divided into three categories. Telekinetic (Space), Clairsentient (Mind), and Chronometric (Time)


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