These creatures are paragons of physical beauty. Humans throughout history have been known to fall easily enraptured with them, despite their apparent insanity.


Subterranean in the deepest sense. Millennia of underground habitation have left their eyes large but essentially useless, their skin translucently pale. They hear and feel the breathing of the earth. Widely built, muscular, and of slightly diminished stature, they tend to stand no taller than 5’5” while 600lbs is considered a healthy weight.

Their craftsmanship is the stuff of legends. A Dvargr will, at least once over the course of his life, abruptly abandon his duties, descending into a frothing madness. He will gather a seemingly random assortment of materials, lock himself in the nearest workshop, and spend decades or even centuries creating something of such quality and beauty that it is a terror for mortal humans to behold. It is fortunate, then, that a Dvargr will as often as not simply shelve the item when it is complete, having derived all the satisfaction they can from the act of creation in itself.

Such a race, as strong and durable as the Earth itself, able to create anything they can imagine, surely would have conquered the world by now, had they they merest inclination? Surely, that they have never taken arms in battle should indicate that their world is preferable to ours, a haven of beauty and abundance? No man who has entered their halls, however, and been able to speak of it upon their return, has seen anything but dirt.



The giants. Mutated horrors with power rivaling the Aesir. Not all are giant in stature (though many are), but they all possess great strength and physical ability.

(three types: rock (or hill giants), frost (or rime giants) and fire)


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