The old stories are all but forgotten, only their forbidden nature keeping them alive.

The use of runic magic is illegal, pagan rituals and all that, but the impoverished and repressed aren’t really in position to argue against the results. The Empire of the Sun maintains a general crackdown on most enchantments and symbols, letting only the least noticeable be remembered. At least they did…

A year ago the stars fell to the earth. You could see pieces of the sky burning in every direction. Innumerable points of light on the horizon, now missing from above. ┬áThe government assured the populace that the damage wasn’t catastrophic, but the sun hasn’t risen since, and it was soon revealed that contact with nearly all major cities had been lost. Over the remaining months, the few remaining broadcasts dwindled away and your village is now alone in the darkness.

This is Earth. 2010. Well, almost. This is Earth assuming the existence of certain gods and creatures of myth, assuming that last Ice Age didn’t kill off the majority of our large and deadly animals, and assuming that the existence of such large, meaty, undomesticatable creatures, coupled with a distinct lack of horses, cows, and the like, have essentially kept humanity from creating the sort of large-scale agriculture that allowed for our current massive population.